Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Using the front controller

In this example, we instantiate a front controller and we dispatch an action. We also create a default controller. We customize the response to trace the calls. We have a plugin to set the default value of a parameter.

Components used in this example
Using the front controller

class MyFrontController
BASE_URL 'http://domain/subpath/';

    public static 
$uri = array(
Processing the front controller request
  • We get the URI.
  • We create the front controller.
  • We create the request.
  • We dispatch the action.
  • We extract the call trace from the response.
  • If we catch an exception, we return the error message.

    public function process()
// We get the URI.
list($uri) = $this->_getParameters();

        try {
// We create the front controller.
$front Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
registerPlugin(new MyPlugin);

// We create the request.
$request = new Zend_Controller_Request_Http(self::BASE_URL $uri);

// We dispatch the action.
$response $front->dispatch($request, new MyResponse);
// We extract the call trace from the response.
$result $response->getTrace();

        } catch (
Exception $e) {
// If we catch an exception, we return the error message.
$result $e->getMessage();

        return array(
Extraction of the parameters from the GET request

    private function _getParameters()
$uri = isset($_GET['uri'])? $_GET['uri'] : '';

        return array(


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