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Handling dates and times

In this example, we get or set dates in different timezones. We display parts of dates and times in various formats. We also get informations on sunrise and sunset in several locations.

Components used in this example
Working with dates and times

class MyDate
Processing the date and time
  • We get the locale, the timezone, the date, the output method, the part to display, and the location details.
  • We set the cache.
  • We verify the locale or we search the locale.
  • We store the locale in the registry.
  • We verify the timezone, or we search the timezone if not specified.
  • We use this timezone as the default timezone.
  • We calculate the date from now.
  • Or we set the date as requested.
  • We set the location according to the requested city.
  • Or we set the location according to the latitude and longitude.
  • We execute the action.
  • We update the date and time.
  • If we catch an exception, we return the error message.

    public function process()
// We get the locale, the timezone, the date, the output method,
        // the part to display, and the location details.
$city$useTz$latitude$longitude$horizon) = $this->_getParameters();

        try {
// We set the cache.

// We verify the locale or we search the locale.
$locale Zend_Locale::findLocale($locale);
// We store the locale in the registry.
Zend_Registry::set('Zend_Locale', new Zend_Locale($locale));

// We verify the timezone, or we search the timezone if not specified.
$myTimezone = new MyTimezone($timezone$locale);
$timezone $myTimezone->findLocaleTz($inTerritory);
// We use this timezone as the default timezone.

            if (
$set) {
// We calculate the date from now.
$date $this->_calcDate($set);
            } else {
// Or we set the date as requested.
$date $this->_setDate($zd_year$zd_month$zd_day,

$location = new MyLocation;
            if (
$city) {
// We set the location according to the requested city.
list($dateCity$city$latitude$longitude) =
            } else {
// Or we set the location according to the latitude and longitude.
$dateCity $location->setDateCity($latitude$longitude$horizon);

// We execute the action.
$result $this->_execAction($action$date$dateCity$part);
// We update the date and time.
extract($date->toArray(), EXTR_PREFIX_ALL'zd');

        } catch (
Exception $e) {
// If we catch an exception, we return the error message.
$result $e->getMessage();

        return array(
Extraction of the parameters from the GET request

    private function _getParameters()
$locale = empty($_GET['locale'])? null $_GET['locale'];
$timezone = empty($_GET['timezone'])? null $_GET['timezone'];
$inTerritory = empty($_GET)? : !empty($_GET['in-territory']);

$set = empty($_GET)? 'now' : (isset($_GET['set'])? $_GET['set'] : '');

$zd_year = empty($_GET['year'])? 1970 $_GET['year'];
$zd_month = empty($_GET['month'])? $_GET['month'];
$zd_day = empty($_GET['day'])? $_GET['day'];
$zd_hour = empty($_GET['hour'])? $_GET['hour'];
$zd_minute = empty($_GET['minute'])? $_GET['minute'];
$zd_second = empty($_GET['second'])? $_GET['second'];

$action = isset($_GET['action'])? $_GET['action'] : null;
$part = empty($_GET['part'])? Zend_Date::DATETIME_LONG $_GET['part'];
$city = empty($_GET)? ' ' : (isset($_GET['city'])? $_GET['city'] : null);
$useTz = empty($_GET)? : !empty($_GET['use-tz']);

$latitude = empty($_GET['latitude'])? $_GET['latitude'];
$longitude = empty($_GET['longitude'])? $_GET['longitude'];
$horizon = isset($_GET['horizon'])? $_GET['horizon'] : null;

        return array(
Setting the cache

    private function _setCache()
$frontendOptions = array('lifetime' => 3600'automatic_serialization' => true);
$backendOptions = array('cache_dir' => sys_get_temp_dir());
$cache Zend_Cache::factory('Core''File'$frontendOptions$backendOptions);
Calculation of the date from now
  • We get the current date.
  • We extract the value to add or subtract, and the unit of the value. The unit is in hours, days, months or years.
  • We add or subtract the value to the current date.

    private function _calcDate($set)
// We get the current date.
$date = new Zend_Date();
$set == 'now' and $set '';

// We extract the value to add or subtract, and the unit of the value.
        // The unit is in hours, days, months or years.
@list($value$unit) = explode('_'$set);

        if (
$value and $unit) {
// We add or subtract the value to the current date.
$method $value >= 0'add' 'sub';
$part constant('Zend_Date::' strtoupper($unit));
$date->$method(abs($value), $part);

Setting the date
  • We convert the date and time into a string.
  • We return an error if the date is invalid.

    private function _setDate($zd_year$zd_month$zd_day$zd_hour$zd_minute$zd_second)
// We convert the date and time into a string.
$dateTime "$zd_year/$zd_month/$zd_day $zd_hour:$zd_minute:$zd_second";
$format 'yyyy MM dd hh mm ss';

        if (!
Zend_Date::isDate($dateTime$format)) {
// We return an error if the date is invalid.
throw new Exception("Bad Date/Time Format: $dateTime!");

        return new 
Processing the action

    private function _execAction($action$date$dateCity$part)
$action) {
$result $date;

$sun $date->$action($dateCity);
$result $sun->get($part);

$result $date->$action($dateCity);

$result $date->$action()? 'Yes' 'No';

$compare $date->compare(Zend_Date::now());
$result $compare? ($compare 0'Later' 'Earlier') : 'Same';

$compare $date->compare(12Zend_Date::HOUR);
$result $compare? ($compare 0'Later' 'Earlier') : 'Same';

$result $date->equals(Zend_Date::now())? 'Yes' 'No';

$result $date->equals(12Zend_Date::HOUR)? 'Yes' 'No';

$action 'get';
$result $date->$action($part);



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