Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things to do

Examples (specific)
  • auth-storage.php: create storage file in sub directory, review cookie expiration (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • currency.php: add cache for Currency on top of Locale (Open 05/01/2010)
  • date.php: add cache for Date on top of Locale (Open 05/01/2010)
  • db-query.php: split into sub classes (Open 15/12/2009)
  • log.php: create log file in sub directory (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • mail.php: remove old attachments automatically (Open 12/01/2010)
Examples (generic)
  • add ZF version change select box in all examples (Open 18/05/2010)
  • tabs do not work when displaying several examples (Fixed 22/01/2010)
  • review some names for consistency: $my*, bugs vs bug, etc... (Open 15/12/2009)
  • fix lower case class constants (Open 07/01/2010)
  • replace GET with POST where applicable (Open 07/01/2010)
  • add ZF version and PHP version where missing (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • use constant() to simplify the use of Zend class constants (Open 07/01/2010)
  • add @see this blog where missing (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • reverse static and public (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • remove Zend_Version from blog messages (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • manage several versions of ZF (Fixed 14/01/2010)
  • add a drop down list to find components (Dropped 14/01/2010)

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